Digital Fluency Intensive Week 7

What did I learn that increased my understanding of Manaiakalani kaupapa and pedagogy?

Today's Manaiakalani kaupapa focus was Connected. Connected as in within the class, whanau and  wider world. Being connected extends the learner wider and helps them to realise that there's more than just themselves out there.

Being connected also extends our professional relationships and eliminates the location barriers as we have greater access to other professional colleagues online. We have greater access through blogging, emails, google hangouts. It's not only between schools but also the school's community (BOT, whanau, teachers, students).

Being part of the Manaiakalani cluster of schools means that we are developing a shared language - learn, create, share, shared pedagogy, shared kaupapa.

Term focuses with students: T1-Learn, T2-Create, T3- Share, T4 bring them all together. Each of these aspects are specifically taught and broken down with students.

Connecting face to face is still very important. Having DFI's in different schools is is a great way to build connections within the cluster.

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu - Write to me, write to others, register your class.

Activities on slide 12 - link

What did I learn that could improve my confidence, capability or workflow as a professional?

Today we worked more on developing our class sites. We had a look at other people's sites and completed a google form to offer our feedback on how we thought their site's visual appeal and user experience. There was also an opportunity to share what we have done so far with google sites and received feedback form others. I definitely fell my class site has really engaged my learners and they enjoy using it. They also don't spend as much time mucking around on random apps and all of the apps on our class iPads are used for a purpose. 

What did I learn that could be used with my learners?  

After looking at Clarelle's class site, I have gotten some ideas for how to link in Explain Everything activities to my slides and she is happy for me to use and adapt some of the activities accessible on her site - Thanks Clarelle! She has also recommended that I have a look at the work Rebecca Spies is doing with her class for persuasive writing which is our writing focus for the term.

What did I learn that could improve my confidence, capability or workflow in my personal life?

It was nice to see that others are still developing their sites and starting small. I have enjoyed helping others in this session to set up 'the bones' of their sites. It has helped me to consolidate the skills I have learnt over the past two terms.  It is becoming more evident that our Junior Syndicate needs to spend some time creating Explain Everything resources that suit our learners. 


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